About ASP


Action Sports Promotions prides itself on professionalism, up to date risk management, planning and safety; excellent logistical skills, communication skills and team dedication to ensure that the hirer gets great value entertainment for their investment

About ASP

Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is one of the world's fastest growing action sports and our demonstrations are family and community friendly.
FMX is an extreme action sport whereby motor cycle riders jump from one ramp to another over a distance of 75 feet and reaching a height of 40 feet in the air and it is a combination of suspense, thrill and excitement above all it is exciting entertainment for spectators.

The ASP FMX Team is made up of highly experienced riders and they put on a spectacular show pulling out some crazy mind-blowing tricks to entertain the crowds. When our team comes to your show, spectators will witness extreme sports actions that will have their hearts and minds racing with excitement.

We are an action sports company specializing in:

  • Freestyle Moto Cross demonstrations
  • Skate and BMX demonstrations on WA's only portable vert mini ramp
  • BMX demonstrations on a full portable street setup
  • Wake board demonstrations in portable pools and competitions

Please contact ASP  to make a booking for your next show