Friday, 03 February 2017 09:32

Five Star Yamaha partners with ASPFMX

ASP FMX welcomes Five Star Yamaha to the Team

Address54/58 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Phone: 9430 4090


Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:15

ASPFMX Hits Show Season

The ASP FMX Truck has had a makeover with the big landing deck and take off ramp being blasted and repainted, sealed and a special industrial grip safe coating being applied plus new graphics so it all looking very fresh and ready to rock out the up and coming show season.

The fans will be getting a new look ASP Team with no exceptions. The boys will be going big this spring and summer so watch out for us and where we will be.

Follow us on social media by hashtag #aspfmx. 

Big shout out to Josh Sheehan and Brayden "Muggins" Davies as those boys are setting the FMX world on fire. Sheeny won the ESPN X Games Gold Medal this year and Muggins is doing a big stint in China with ASP FMX Team rider Dylan Kattler.

More soon...

Friday, 03 April 2015 09:37

Merredin Agricultural Show

The weather for the Merredin Agricultural Show was perfect for Freestyle Moto X and the crowds were loud and big.

Team Leader Luke "Mulcs" Mulcahy set the pace for the team with some amazing tricks right off the ramp, the guy never holds back on anything. Hucking out some big Supercan Indi, Cordovas, Rock Solids and even brought back his signature Christ Air which is always great to watch.

Ash Rogers is getting better and better every show with the Lazy Boy getting bigger, more relax and longer plus surprised me by nailing the Rock good to watch the lad in action and you'll be seeing him at the Bunbury Show on the 10 April.

There is no question as to why Brayden Davies is slowly but surely establishing himself as one of Australia's best FMX riders, his flip tricks are getting smoother and bigger, where else are you going the see a live Superman Backflip but regional WA shows...the crowd just went mental with the kids screaming and the mum's and dad's not knowing whether to look or turn away.

It was an awesome show and i would like to thanks the Merredin Agricultural Society for having us back there. #aspfmx

Monday, 13 October 2014 00:00

The IGA Perth Royal Show

It was so good to be back at the IGA Perth Royal Show...we missed it last year but were back this year by popular demand!

We rolled with five riders; Team Leader Luke "Mulcs" Mulcahy, Mr Consistent "Big Russ" Lightfoot, Brayden "Muggins" Davies, Ash aka "Sick Rick" Rogers and Dillon "The Tiger" Kattler.

Big Russ, Muggins and The Tiger were flippin' and Mulcs and Rogers pulled out a bag full of tricks that would've made Chris Angel jealous. It was an all time show and great to have the full team rolling.

Friday, 19 September 2014 00:00

Mullewa Show Goes Off

The team recently rode the Mullewa Show (just east of Geraldton) and it was an awesome run especially leading into the Royal Show. The folks in Mullewa are real hospitiable and look after us a treat. 

Team leader Luke "Mulcs" Mulcahy set the pace for the team pulling out some of his big tricks and thrilling the crowd with his massive KOD. Ash Rogers was as consistent as ever especially consdiering he hadn't riden the truck in awhile but once her got that first roll out of the way it was all comfort down the line...he found a great MX track near the FMX zone so he hit that in between rolls.

Big ups to Brayden "Muggins" Davies he absolutley shreaded with the flip tricks and great to see him come up as one the key team riders, always looking sweet, smooth style and a super crowd pleaser.

The weather was pretty good for the morning although a little windy but the boys dealt with it in true professional style...last show was a little drizzle so had to finish off half way through.

Good Roll...see you at the Perth Royal Show

Sunday, 04 May 2014 00:00

Rocked the Bunbury Show

It was great to be back in Bunbury which is home to many a fine FMX rider especially one of the fathers of the sport Shane "Townie" Townsend. 

Over the years, ASP FMX has done a few shows in the Bunbury and it is one place we love coming back to. The boys put on an excellent display of riding thrilling the local audience with their huge and insane tricks and it was great catching up with super star Josh Sheehan...folks hope you were blown away by our performance!

Thanks Bunbury for having us back their and we look forward to riding back in yoiur fine town sooner than later.

Saturday, 29 March 2014 00:00

Bustin out April 14

Katanning Youth Festival was a great event with well over 300 people coming along to see the boys from #aspfmx go crazy on their bikes. Team Leader Mulcs was back and stepped straight in to the job, getting the ramp setup on the wind and the boys were ready to roll.

Three awesome demos with Big Russ Lightfoot, Ash Rogers and Luke Mulcahy all absolutely shredding the show but as always they were critical of their performance but the crowd loved it and John D always uses the crowd call as the barometer to how good the show was...

Great job team and looking forward to doing Bunbury this coming Friday night at Hay Park Bunbury. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014 00:00

ASP 2014

The team has got off to a rockin start for 2014 with heaps of demos under the bike already. 

The Australia Day SkyShow on Langely Park, Perth was amazing with massive crowds and great conditions. Ash Rogers assumed the role of team leader (TL) and you could tell the pressure was on him but luckily Mulcs showed up and gave him a bit of mentoring...

Then off for the big drive to Newman which was awesome, the crew up there were so appreciative and obliging, it was awesome riding in that town. We had a great time so thanks heaps to the boys at the Hillview Speedway Newman for having us. 

Action Sports Games Mandurah was absolutely insane with massive crowds and a big riding team of Rusty Lightfoot, Brayden Davies, Ash Rogers, Dillion "The Tiger" Kattler and Jake "The Boy from Busso" Holloway...they put on an incredible display of pure premium FMX riding. Great to have Holtzy back behind the mic...great job team.

Saturday, 11 January 2014 23:52

2013 in Review

2013 was a pretty relaxed year and that was good for us as it gave the team a little breather to get their bodies back in shape, time to get the new ramps and rig sorted plus put the house back in order after three flat out years.

The only downside to giving the boys a break was they rode flat out and the injury list read like this:

Russ Lightfoot broken hand trail riding...stick to ramps Rusty!

Luke Mulcahy broken hand fixing up his brand new 450 Suzuki...what's new there!

Rob "No Fuel Guy" Colhessy coming unstuck on a jump...I'll leave that up to you to work out

But the boys true to form are back for more showtime action this year.

John Diamond needed a well earned break and took his family on a much deserved holiday.

We are now well and truly back in the saddle having done an amazing three day show at the Perth Motocycle and Scooter Expo and Brayden Davies and Dillon "the tiger" Kattler join the team. I think the crowd got a fantastic show.

We have been busy quoting on shows for 2014 and by all accounts things are starting to get busy! 

Stay tuned....

Thursday, 22 August 2013 00:00

News Update: August 2013

New team members, a new truck and a new website to boot!