Monday, 13 October 2014 00:00

The IGA Perth Royal Show

It was so good to be back at the IGA Perth Royal Show...we missed it last year but were back this year by popular demand!

We rolled with five riders; Team Leader Luke "Mulcs" Mulcahy, Mr Consistent "Big Russ" Lightfoot, Brayden "Muggins" Davies, Ash aka "Sick Rick" Rogers and Dillon "The Tiger" Kattler.

Big Russ, Muggins and The Tiger were flippin' and Mulcs and Rogers pulled out a bag full of tricks that would've made Chris Angel jealous. It was an all time show and great to have the full team rolling.

Callum Hodgkins and Darcy Cashmore proved invaluable as work crew, we had to be on the oval in 10 mins ready to roll and off in 7 mins so it was intense to say the least. 

First day we were rained off but the weather improved and out of the 16 demos we nailed 13 so it is a testement to boys riding skills. 

The sun came out for the remainder of the week and riding conditions improved day by day. Muggins hucked out some amazing tricks like superman flips, massive nacs and rulers. Mulcs pulled out the biggest Christ Air I have seen in a long while Rogers even threw down and superman. Big Russ and Kattler flipped consistently to thrill the crowd. 

The Royal Show organisers reckon on the busy days there were around 20,000 plus people screaming and let me say commentating the crowd was pretty damn loud. 

I would like to thank Calinda Anderson, Don Chipper and the team at the show for having us back. 

It was awesome working with Shaun from Freestyle Now; the BMX team was RAD and Eljay and Morgan from Freestyle Entertainment did the trials bikes show which really complimented the arena entertainment.