Friday, 03 April 2015 09:37

Merredin Agricultural Show

The weather for the Merredin Agricultural Show was perfect for Freestyle Moto X and the crowds were loud and big.

Team Leader Luke "Mulcs" Mulcahy set the pace for the team with some amazing tricks right off the ramp, the guy never holds back on anything. Hucking out some big Supercan Indi, Cordovas, Rock Solids and even brought back his signature Christ Air which is always great to watch.

Ash Rogers is getting better and better every show with the Lazy Boy getting bigger, more relax and longer plus surprised me by nailing the Rock good to watch the lad in action and you'll be seeing him at the Bunbury Show on the 10 April.

There is no question as to why Brayden Davies is slowly but surely establishing himself as one of Australia's best FMX riders, his flip tricks are getting smoother and bigger, where else are you going the see a live Superman Backflip but regional WA shows...the crowd just went mental with the kids screaming and the mum's and dad's not knowing whether to look or turn away.

It was an awesome show and i would like to thanks the Merredin Agricultural Society for having us back there. #aspfmx